Pulse Check: February 9, 2015 Issue


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Research_Notes Research Notes

Unmarried Births / Steepest Decline Since 1940
Unmarried child-bearing has declined at its steepest rate since 1940 over the last few years, both in terms of rate and real numbers. The rate declined 14% from its all-time high in 2008.
A chart showing number of unmarried birthrates declining since 1940
SOURCE: Focus Findings, Unmarried Birthrates Decline – First Time Since 1940

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Staff Meeting Staff Meeting

What is the best age to marry? What is too young? What is too old?

We don’t have to guess, research by leading sociologists of marriage has an answer.

SOURCE: Focus Findings, What is the Best Age to Marry?

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Myth Busters Myth Busters

The Gay Christian?

First, we never hyphenate “Christian” as no identity rivals or approaches our singular identity in Christ. To identify people by their sexuality is to reduce people to their sexuality. Every individual is so much more. A person’s inherent and undeniable value is rooted in his membership in humanity, not his particularity, sexual or otherwise. To advocate for extending rights to someone based in particular and occasionally mutable desires, relationships, and behaviors — as important as they might be to the individual — is actually a violation of the principle of universal human rights.

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