Interviews with Pastors

We’ve put together a collection of helpful and inspiring Boundless podcasts and articles featuring some of your favorite well-known pastors of today!

Featured guests: Al Mohler | Andy Stanley | Craig Groeschel | David Platt | Gary Thomas | Jud Wilhite | Kevin DeYoung | Mark Driscoll | Max Lucado | Voddie Baucham

Al Mohler

MAR 04, 2010
Episode 111: Dr. Albert Mohler Used to Be a Young Adult
Lisa Anderson at NRB, plus an interview with Dr. Albert Mohler, and a question about dating an uneducated man.

Oct 30, 2009
Article: The Marks of Manhood
When does a boy become a man? (Hint: It’s not your age.) Find out if you have what it takes to be a godly man.

JUL 14, 2010
Article: The Case Against Marriage?
One essential task for the church is to rebuild and maintain a marriage culture — even when marriage itself no longer makes sense to so many around us.

Andy Stanley

JAN 05, 2012
Episode 205: Love, Sex and Dating
Making relational resolutions for the new year, plus Andy Stanley on “Love, Sex and Dating” and a question on a friend’s unbelieving fiancé.

Craig Groeschel

FEB 24, 2011
Episode 161: “Bless”
Dr. John Trent reveals the power of blessing others, plus Craig Groeschel on honoring spiritual leaders and a question about dating someone’s ex.

DEC 03, 2010
Episode 149: Going All the Way
Prioritizing what’s important at Christmas, plus “Going All The Way” with pastor Craig Groeschel, and Candice is back to answer a listener question about parenting styles.

David Platt

MAR 01, 2012
Episode 213: Wealth for Worship
Catching up with Steve and Candice Watters, plus an interview with David Platt and a question about teenagers in love.

FEB 28, 2013
Episode 265: Following Jesus
What it means to be Jesus’ disciple, plus David Platt on his new book ‘Follow Me’ and a question about how to break up well.

Gary Thomas

DEC 20, 2012
Episode 255: Growing God’s Way
Reflecting on what God taught us this year, plus Gary Thomas on understanding your spiritual temperament, and feedback on sharing a hotel room with the opposite sex.

JAN 10, 2013
Episode 258: An African-American Love Story
An African-American couple beats the odds, plus Gary Thomas with strategies for finding a mate, and a question about entering marriage with a “roommate” mentality.

Jud Wilhite

APR 05, 2012
Episode 218: Can I Get a Witness?
Sharing Christ within your family, plus Jud Wilhite on living out the Gospel in Las Vegas, and a question about unequally-yoked dating.

Kevin DeYoung

AUG 30, 2012
Episode 239: Kickin’ It With Kevin DeYoung
The results of The Boundless Show’s listener survey, plus Kevin DeYoung on holiness, and a question about desiring one’s dating partner more than God.

SEP 03, 2009
Episode 85: Why We Love the Church
Reel Discernment movie reviews, plus Kevin DeYoung explains why he loves the church, and a question about pursuing a woman.

APR 30, 2009
Episode 67: Just Do Something
Miss California Carrie Prejean, plus an interview with Kevin DeYoung about discerning God’s will, and a question about going too deep too fast.

Mark Driscoll

JAN 12, 2012
Episode 206: Mark and Grace Driscoll Get Real
A “Bachelor” fascination, plus Mark and Grace Driscoll on marriage, and a question about infatuation.

APR 19, 2012
Episode 220: No Mistakes
Loving those with special needs, plus getting inside the head of Mark Driscoll, and a question about coping with loneliness.

FEB 21, 23
Episode 264: Who Am I?
Understanding our identity in different seasons, plus Mark Driscoll on how God sees us, and a question about vacationing in Las Vegas.

Max Lucado

JUL 21, 2011
Episode 182: A Podcast Not About Relationships
Favorite outdoor pastimes, plus an interview with Max Lucado and a round-up of this summer’s blockbuster films.

Voddie Baucham

MAR 31, 2009
Article: What He Must Be … If He Wants to Marry My Daughter: A Review
Though women aren’t the target audience for this book, we can listen in and hopefully, while eavesdropping, glean some valuable help for marrying well.

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