Pulse Check: March 2, 2015 Issue


Included in this week’s issue:


Research_Notes Research Notes

Just How Religious are Americans?

According to the new Relationships in America study by the Austin Institute on average, 27% of American attend Church weekly. 36% attend at least twice a month. 31% never attend.

SOURCE: The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture, Relationships in America

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Staff Meeting Staff Meeting

Do Children Need Two Parents?

How do people around the globe answer this question? For most nations, 90+% believe children should have two parents. The lowest is Sweden at 47% while next two lowest are the United State (63%) and Canada (65%). Egyptians are most likely to believe this at 99%.

SOURCE: The World Family Map, 2014: Mapping Family Change and Child Well-Being Outcomes, The World Family Map, 2014

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Pastoral_Wisdom Pastoral Wisdom

Wisdom from the Ages

“If you insist on scriptural support for your opponent’s position, you commit yourself in advance to the need for scriptural support for your position too.” – Tertullian, The Crown, early Third Century.

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