Pulse Check: March 30, 2015 Issue


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Sermon Nuggets

“Superstition is Reasonable”

Many atheists and so-called “free-thinkers” (who are actually quite bound by naturalism) call Christianity a kind of superstition. For a moment, let’s concede that they have a point. After all, Christianity does include beliefs that cannot be explained by the natural sciences. A recent article in the Atlantic takes an interesting twist on the importance and substance of so-called “superstition”. It begins with this colorful story:

A visitor once asked the Nobel Prize–winning physicist Niels Bohr whether he really believed that the horseshoe he’d hung at his country home was lucky. “Of course not,” Bohr said. “But I understand it’s lucky whether you believe in it or not.”

Isn’t this exactly the situation of the atheist who says he doesn’t believe in God? His disbelief doesn’t make God and his revelation to us in the person of Jesus untrue – just as our belief doesn’t make it true. God’s reality doesn’t depend on our mental attitude in any way. Some things are simply objectively true, and that requires us to believe in the beauty of mystery, especially the divine mystery that God is.

SOURCE: The Science of Superstition, The Atlantic

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Pastoral_Wisdom Pastoral Wisdom

Wisdom from the Ages:

“Every place and every time in which we entertain the idea of God is in reality sacred.”
– Clement of Alexandria, Miscellanies.

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Tweetable Facts Tweetable Facts

Tweetable Fact:

Over attention to our kids leads to narcissism, lack of attention leads to insecurity and great aggression. Good parenting is middle road.

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