Pulse Check: March 9, 2015 Issue


Included in this week’s issue:


Myth Busters Myth Busters

Burning the Ships

We often hear, and perhaps have used, the illustration for how we should be like Cortes, the great Spanish explorer who burned his entire fleet upon reaching the destination of his mission. Landing at present-day Veracruz, Mexico, he destroyed his ships so that when the going got rough his men would have no means of retreat. It was do or die trying. No going back, only pressing on. That is how we are to be in our commitment Jesus and His gospel.

But Cortez did not actually burn his ships. He scuttled them, dismantled them so his men would not turn back, and to use the timbers and materials for their living needs in the new land. And he did keep one ship. There were riches kept for riches to be sent back to their king in Spain. The boat also afforded a remaining opportunity for the higher-ranking men to beat a hasty retreat if things turned really bad.

The spirit of the message is true – all out for Jesus, don’t look back – even if the widely used illustration is not exactly accurate.

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Research_Notes Research Notes

Sexless Marriages

According to the Relationships in America Survey, 12% of married folks ages 18-60 report no sexual intimacy for the past three months. And the reason has more to do with the age of the spouses – energy level and declining libido – rather than the boredom related to the age of the marriage.

SOURCE: How often do Americans have sex?, Relationships in America

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Sermon Nuggets

“There is more than one motive underlying the atheist culture of our times, and the desire to escape from the eye of judgment is one of them. You escape from the eye of judgment by wiping away the face of your neighbor and of God.”
– Philosopher Roger Scruton, The Face of God

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